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We have put together a list of our domain names that are specifically for the auto industry. These domain names are global domains and would work in any geographic location as well as world wide. These are rare domains and are priced to sell!



Buy Oil Filters Web address | STARTING BID $1,500- An ideal domain name for selling oil filters on line. This domain name would be ideal if purchased with the domain name below. Currently we are forwarding this domain name to a project we working on in Kailua Kona for car sales/rentals.


oil filter domain name | STARTING BID $1,500- This domain name would be ideal to set up with the domain name above. We have been considering these two domain names for an affiliate site with K&N Oil Filters and we have been approved. We have attempted to purchase and and neither of these sites have been developed and are currently for sale in excess of $100,000. SO the sky’s the limit on these two!


Discount Taxi Domain | STARTING BID $1,000- This would make a terrific world-wide website for transportation service. Likely buyers would be Uber or Lyft , Didi Chuxing, Kabbee, Hailo, Flywheel, Ola, Grab and Shuddle just to name a few apps out there doing very well! You could also create your own website or app or even a blog!


Car Central US web address

CarCentral.US | STARTING BID $1,000- This is a great domain name for a nationwide Automobile sales site! This web address can be used for advertising any of the big Car companies across the United States. Pride in America and American made vehicles is growing! Jump on the band wagon and own a national treasure!


Check Batteries domain name | STARTING BID $1,000- This domain name would make a great affiliate site for any kind of batteries. With electric Cars making a large showing in the industry we think this domain name will have very high value in the not too distant future!


Crashing Fast web address | STARTING BID $100- We thought this domain name would be great for car crash videos and in turn make a great leader site for affiliate sales. With it being only two words and easy to remember, this domain is keyword rich for a site of high speed car crashes!


Car Sold web address | NO RESERVE- It really doesn’t get better than this for the auto industry. Many domain sellers do not give a whole lot of value with a domain name with dashes, but we have found these domain names work great with search engine optimization still! Get in on the ground floor of a domain name that is bound to take off!


Automobiles Cash web address

Automobiles.Cash | NO RESERVE!- Here you go! The craze over can be realized with this domain name. Obviously this domain name would be ideal for any company that buys cars for cash!


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