We have been fortunate enough to obtain some very special Domain Names in the Entertainment Industry. Categorically we have focused in on the music industry. Check these out and be amazed at what we were able to come up with. We think these domain names will be ideal affiliate marketing sites, in fact one of them is already set up as an Amazon Affiliate site! Check them out!


Entertainment Industry Domain Name
GreatestFlix.com (website| STARTING BID $25,000- This site has already been developed! It is just a young start up with 19 posts and 2 pages. The uniqueness about this site and why we moved forward quickly was the name. Greatest Flix was the very first music video compilation in the world. Produced and released the same year MTV started 1981. Check out the website, we have an Amazon affiliation with this site already set up!


Music Industry domain name
RockKona.com (website| STARTING BID $500-  This site was designed with the local talent in mind. The website is created and has some good age to it. There are a lot of back links to this 5 year old website and never was set up to make money, but now is the time to take it over the edge and start a new start up in paradise!



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