Geographic Domain Names

Geographical Domain Names


A Geographic Domain Name also known as a GeoDomain is an URL that is specific to a certain area. In this page we concentrate on California and Hawaii for geographic location for our domain names. As we have mentioned before, we feel that keywords together within the domain name makes the best branding. When you include great original content and SEO services you will have a winner when someone searches for you and sees your domain is relevant to their search. The following domain names were acquired with the intended use of creating local websites and rent/leasing or selling the site. Click Here for more information


Hawaii Domains

Hawaii.Team | Buy it now $1,750 GoDaddy Appraisal $2,064.
808KONA.COM | Buy it now $900.
ALIIKONA.COM | Buy it now $900.
 | Buy it now $5,000 (see website) Includes website
CHARTERKONA.COM | Buy it now $1,000.
KAILUAKONA.COFFEE | Buy it now $1,000. (see website) (affiliate site) Includes website
KONA-HI.COM (see website) SOLD
KONA.AGENCY | Starting bid $2,500.
KONA.GUIDE | Starting bid $2,500.
KONACAR.COM | Buy it now $5,000. (see website) (affiliate site) Includes website
KONAEXOTIC.COM | Buy it now $1,500.
KONAEXTREME.COM | Buy it now $1,000.
KONAPAINTINGS.COM | Buy it now $650.
KONAREMODELING.COM | Buy it now $850.
KONASALE.COM | Buy it now $1,150.
KONASIGN.COM | Buy it now $950.
KONAVIDEOS.COM | Buy it now $750.
KONAWEBSITES.COM | Buy it now $750.
KUKIOHI.COM | Buy it now $700.
PALISADESFORSALE.COM | Buy it now $5,000. (see website) Includes seasoned website. (Partner Pat Wilson)
ROCKKONA.COM | Buy it now $1,000. (see website) Includes seasoned website.
SHOPALII.COM | Buy it now $1,000. (see affiliate forwarded site)
SHOPPINGKONA.COM | Buy it now $1,000. (see affiliate forwarded site)

California Domains

MODESTO.WEBSITE | Starting bid $250.
Modesto.Work | Buy it now $1,000. 
Estibot Appraisal $1,100.
Modesto.World | Buy it now $500.

NORCAL.SITE | Buy it now $900. Estibot Appraisal $1,000.
NORCAL.WEBSITE | Buy it now $750.  
Appraisal $826.
Oroville.CA | Buy it now $5,000. (see website) Includes seasoned website. (Partner Pat Wilson)



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