Real Estate Global Domain Names

Global Real Estate Domain Names. What does that mean? That means these are domain names that can be used anywhere in the world. Why is that a good thing? Now days we are in a global market not only in commerce and technology but also with real estate. People can now live anywhere they want to in the world and work. These are great names for large metropolitan cities or rural  picturesque locations or everything in between!


Lakefront real estate domain name (website) (Facebook Page) | STARTING BID $250- This domain name has special memories for me. I operated a Lakefront real estate brokerage with this domain name for 7 years. I made a lot of money with it. Back then it was an html site and I had to work on it constantly! In 2007 this domain name made me $1,200,000 and in 2008 another $1,300,000 in commissions! At one time I had 16 escrows going at the same time! There are hundreds of organic backlinks to this domain name!


Geographic Real Estate Domain Names



Pacific Palisades For Sale Domain Name (website| STARTING BID $5,000- This is a great domain name for any Real Estate Agency in Pacific Palisades, California or the Palisades in New York or the Palisades in Kailua Kona. Currently this domain name has been developed for a home in Hawaii and gets a lot of traffic! The home is for sale for $679,000 and the website has been up for 2 months and we already have a great offer. 


Oroville California Real Estate Domain Name | STARTING BID $1,000- This is a very old domain name. It was used for 20 years as a real estate website for Oroville Washington and it has thousands of backlinks all over the world! There are hundreds of real estate brokerages in Oroville California and this domain is ripe for the picking!



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