What’s in a name?

Exploding traffic

Global demand Web Addresses are for maximum traffic WORLDWIDE. Everybody around the world, with new translation technology, is looking for our exact web addresses when they search for specific things.

Global Domain Names

Global domain names are more rare than Geo domains. There is a larger “buyer base” with the global domain names. Geographic Domain Names are used when a company wants to concentrate on a specific city, town, state or even country like KonaRemodeling.com.

A Brand-able domain is a unique word that would not be in the dictionary yet. It is used when you are starting your own new trend with an attempt to making a brand, Ebay, Amazon and GoDaddy did a great job with a huge investment and risk to make non-words into a common word. In order to make, say, “Takkl.com” to fly as a fishing tackle brand you would have to do a large marketing campaign in excess of 7 figures if you want to go worldwide. A brand-able domain name is fine if you have people looking for you specifically. New customers will be harder to get when “Takkl.com” is competing with Tackle.com, USATackle.com, TennesseeTackle.com or NashvilleTackle.com.

Keyword Rich Domain Names

We believe the best type and easiest type of branding is with keywords being a part of the actual domain name. This gives the searcher a feeling of competence and relevance to what they are searching for when they skim domain names on any given search term.

As you will see, we have some very special Keyword, global domain names, scroll on down to check them out, I think you will be surprised and impressed!

Web pages

At this time most of the domain names are forwarded to our active web pages. As we get time, we will prioritize the domains from most valuable return and develop them as Affiliate Sites.

If you see any of these domain names that you might consider doing the same thing, let me know! I am always flipping domain names and I definitely can’t develop them all! Also, I would always consider an Affiliate Partnership! 50/50 If you build on my domain, Listed Price 1/2 Off of Buy It Now price for a 50/50 partnership and I can create the affiliate site for a fee or you can contract it out, we will share in profits 50/50.



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